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Research & application on synchronous hydraulic bulging technology of double-layer metal Vacuum container

FIG  Double-layered stainless steel vacuum containers with relief patterns
        Synchronous hydro-bulging
         Bulging after welding
   pressuring the inner and insulating layers synchronously, and keeping the hydraulic pressure of the two layers equally during bulging    


       The synchronous hydraulic bulging technology of double-layer metal vacuum container is put forward. Various profiled embossed patterns with a beautiful appearance on the outer layer of the vacuum container can be formed integrally without destroying the shape of inner layer ,The product has been detected by Jieyang Branch of Guangdong S tainless S teel P roduct Q uality Inspection Station and SGS Hong Kong Ltd, The performances are superior to the Light Industry Ministry S tandards QB/T 2332-97 .
This technology has been obtained 4 authorized design patents,1 authorized invention and 1 authorized utility model patents.
   Obtained the Third-class Award for Science & Technology Innovation of Guangdong, Guangdong Provincial Government, 2008

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