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XPD Horizontal CNC Spinning Machine
      Double CPU controlling constituted by 8032 and 8098, which are manufactured by INTEL company of America, is adopted in the CNC system. Manu operating mode is adopted in the software system and the I/O interfaces of the hardware are all optical coupling. Therefore, it has abundant functions and high ability of disturbance-resistance.  
Fig.1 Chair-chassis of the bar

Fig.3  Coffeepot Fig.4  Shock absorber sheath
  This machine can be used to produce the chair-chassis of the bar (Fig.1), vacuum flask (Fig.2), coffeepot (Fig.3), shock absorber sheath (Fig.4) and lamp cover (Fig.5), etc.
  Obtained the Second-class Award for Science & Technology Progress of Guangdong province. Authorized one utility model patent.


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