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Belt-pull5ey Spinning Machine and its products
   Three-beam and four-pillar, vertical type is adopted in this machine. Embedded system based on ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) is used as the main CNC controller. The four seats with different shapes of roller are driven by servo-motors. The driving power of the main cylinder is 45 tons. The mail cylinder can be linkaged controlled with the three different seats to realize the pulley spinning process, including thickening, preforming, forming, and finishing. This machine also has the on-line temperature control and forced cooling functions.The machine has the both manual and automatic operation modes, and can realize the whole spinning process automatically except the manual blank loading and workpiece unloading.
 Fig.1 Folded-pulley Fig.2 Split-pulley        Fig.3 Multi-wedge pulley
              Force and energy indicators of the machine
Main transmission      power  Working pump     power Vertical (axial)      force Horizontal (radial)       force Ejecting force
30KW 11KW 450KN 150KN 80KN

   This machine can be used to produce various kinds of pulleys with different diameters, such asfolded-pulley with single or multi grooves (Fig.1), split-pulley with single groove (Fig.2), multi-wedge pulley (Fig.3), and so on.



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